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One for the Road : Garrett Kinsley, Ethan Tate


After a short visit with his boy, Ethan Tate, gorgeous Garrett Kinsley is anxious about an upcoming exam; so, he starts to pack and head back to his dorm. Too cute Tate has other plans; and, he’s very hard to resist. The twinktastic twosome wind up throwing caution to the wind, clothes too the floor, and lips at one each other! Kinsley feels Ethan’s oversized appendage throbbing through his jeans, then goes in, tongue first. He licks the extra large lollipop with his tongue, teasing the twink, then goes at it FULL throat! It takes the beautiful blond two hands, and some deliciously dirty deep throating to handle this huge hog! And, he does it with ease, and sizzling hot style. He smacks the beefy beauty against his handsome face, between gorgeously deep gulps of cock, then tells his boy, “you’r turn.” He face fucks the hell out of the young hottie, then turns him around to eat that bangin’ bubble. Next, the tall blond babe eases the entire length of his long dong into the dude’s derrière, and gets to work. He quickly builds up a nice smash speed, while smacking the boy’s booty, are grabbing his hips for deeper penetration. He then flips the fine fella over, kisses his back door button, and keeps right on cocking him hard. He starts to stroke Tate’s talley whacker, and the big beef stick perks up his horny hole. So, he uncorks his cock, and climbs aboard the monster for an epic ride that sends his schlong spurting! Garret explodes, covering his thigh, stomach, cock, and balls with with cum! His twink tunnel tightens around Ethan’s dick, and Kinsley can feel he’s about to nut. He hops off, and plants his mug right next to the boy’s pretty piece. He watches, mouth open. Then, unable to resist, he goes in for a big gulp of glorious goo. After a nice taste, he heads up for a final kiss, as fresh cream drizzled from his full lips.



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