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Dinner Date : Josh Brady, Paxton Ward

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A fun night out for Josh Brady, and Paxton Ward turns passionate, when they become lip locked on the street, then continue with their carnal desires back at the house. Clothes melt away from the sheer heat the boys are bringing, and pretty boy Pax winds up on his knees, since Bradys protruding piece gets the best of him. The dick hungry dude practically inhales the jock’s giant; and, Brady helps him along with a hand at the back of the head. Taking control, Josh orders the tight bodied twink onto the bed, where he sheds Ward of his overstuffed shorts, then downs that Dick like the porn-pro he is. He gives the twink’s tool one more deep gulp, then tosses his legs in the air, and eats that extra smooth ass like an animal. Paxton can’t wait any longer, and whimpers out, “I want you to fuck me.” That’s all Brady needed to hear. He quickly puts his big beef stick to work, bangin’ the boy out on his back. The pretty porn prince moans with pleasure, as Josh expertly works his hot, little hole all over the bed. In the final fuck moments, Pax is riding, looking absolutely stunning, spread eagle towards the camera, when he jerks his juicy jock to completion, covering his entire eight pack with cum. Brady cups the dude’s smooth cheeks, then explodes right in his ass. He keeps that ass up, so we can get a glorious view of the fresh cream pie oozing out of that gorgeous can. Perfection.




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