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Overbooked : Olek Oneight, Simon Best

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Handsome young hunk Simon Best has such a hot friend to play with in this new Jawked video. Lean and gorgeous Olek Oneight can’t seem to believe how lucky he is to get to play with this buff young stud but we have to admit we think they’re equally blessed for having this opportunity.

It seems there’s been a bit of a mix up and the room has ben double booked, but it soon becomes apparent that this accidental confusion offers an incredible opportunity neither of them can ignore.

Simon’s big dick is already very obviously bulging in his pants when Olek gets brave and invites himself to feel it. We don’t know if he was already horny and planning to jack off or whether the sight of the new arrival instantly got him hard, not that it matters either way. You can bet Simon isn’t complaining about this surprise attention, especially when his hard uncut penis is freed and Olek gives it some good sucks in his talented mouth.

The handsome young hunk isn’t reluctant to get a taste of his new pal’s prick, either. Olek’s long and pink dick is just as delicious and Simon shows he has skills when it comes to giving some good head.

That’s not his only talent.

With some fingering of the boy’s smooth little pucker Simon is ready to impale his ass and give the boy an insane fucking, in every position, until Olek has one long and athletic leg right up beside his head while being spooned.

It’s very obvious Olek is loving the deep banging when he’s riding that jock cock and his big meat is involuntarily splashing semen out all over the handsome muscled jocks awesome body, soon to be matched by Simon’s gooey mess.

The final sharing of hot cock cream makes it clear these accidental acquaintances are going to be just fine sharing the room for their stay in the city.



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8 January 2022

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