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Elio Chalamet & Jason Bacall

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Today Phillipe Gaudin meets a bunch of handsome guys sitting on an outdoor sofa ready to go for a quad bike tour. Unfortunately, Jason Bacall and Elio Chalamet, have to stay in the villa to top up their tans before the shooting marathon starts and the others leave without them. Once they remove all their clothes, they cannot take their eyes off each other. They decide to cool off in an infinity pool but their proximity soon leads to a more intimate encounter and Jason tops his friend until they both shoot a volcanic load of cum. The question is: did Phillipe know this would happen when he left them alone?


Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 2.19.56 PM.png


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Xander Hollis

6 January 2022

Four Naughty Twinks :

6 January 2022

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