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Dylan Maguire & Joaquin Arrenas Models of the Week


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We have already seen their episode together and now we have the pleasure of bring Joaquin and Dylan back as our joint models of the week. These images are part of our Sex Safari series and were taken in Cape Town by Benno Thoma. Just to give you a heads up, this is one of the photo-session we mentioned at the beginning of the series that does not have a Jerk Off to go along with it, so if we want to see the guys in action together we’ll have to go back to their scene together but hopefully you will enjoy them regardless.


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Arrenas_Maguire (11).jpg
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Some guys shower after sex, but most of ours feel the need to shower before… especially when they are in the heat of a South African summer. Our concluding scene for this weeks ‘Sex Safari’ update is with Dylan and Joaquin. Both  are experienced performers and consummate lovers so we were always going to be guaranteed a great scene. There are a couple of unexpected treats though as Dylan is pounding his buddy in this scene, one being the sight and sound of Dylan’s huge balls bouncing and slapping Joaquins ass as Dylan thrusts  for maximum penetration.



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Saturday Special: Enrique Vera & Dylan Maquire

Maguire_Vera (17).jpg

Our final scene for this month’s Sex Safari update is with Enrique Vera and Dylan Maguire, who seem to have the whole house to themselves  today and quickly decide to put the private time to good use. Both of these guys fall into our truly ‘versatile’ category, excelling at both topping and bottoming and while Dylan may be a bit more adventurous and crazy, their energy levels are well matched here.
Dylan is in the mood to get fucked today, and Enrique is more than happy to oblige him, pounding his ass until he spirits his load all over his belly before finally shooting his own thick and creamy cum all over Dylan’s waiting hole.