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Saturday Special: Kian & Mark

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We have a month full of anniversaries this month. Not only is Peter Annaud celebrating his 10th year filming with us, Kian O’Connor is marking his 5th year after his casting came out in June 2018. Luckily we have a scene primed ready for the occasion as he pairs up with Mark Laysson in our House of BelAmi series.  On set, Kian is kind of an understated treasure. He is calm, easy-going and likes nothing more than to get on with the job at hand.  He also knows that most guys are impressed not only with the weapon between his legs, but his overall handsomeness and body, and the more admiration he gets, the better his performance. Mark Laysson is the perfect partner for him. Classically beautiful and perfectly suited to making sure he gives his partner all he has got in every scene.



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