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Marcus Ashton & Wolf Rayet

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Jawked on Badpuppy with Marcus Ashton and Wolf Rayet: Handsome daddy Wolf Rayet is the kind of hunk we would all like to take advice from, but he’s offering more than that to sexy and ripped young jock Marcus Ashton in this amazing Jawked session. The young man is here to update the bearded stud on his progress, and he’s soon showing off his gains to the experienced trainer. Of course, Wolf has some interesting methods when working with such a sexy young customer, and Marcus isn’t complaining when Wolf’s attention is heading to toward his swelling jock cock in his shorts. A little sensual smooching has the young man eager for more and soon enough the two are showing each other their muscles, with a very firm and tasty length of muscle being revealed for Wolf to suck on. While we don’t know what kind of training young Marcus has had in the way of sucking dick he seems to be a natural when it comes to slurping a juicy boner. The two swap their delicious erections on the couch and Wolf gets a taste of the boy’s hole before his own is inviting that bareback jock rod to slide in deep. Marcus obviously knows how to work out and put his stamina to good use, he’s banging that daddy rump from behind and slamming Wolf’s hole on his back to make the big guy squirt off his creamy protein, splashing his semen over his abs in a great release. Their private training session ends with Wolf getting his own afternoon protein fix, lapping at the warm spooge pumping from his customer’s satisfied dong. It might not be the kind of training Marcus expected, but he’s enjoying every warm and wet moment.


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