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Ethan Slade & Steven Ponce

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Remastered Original from Gio Caruso with Ethan Slade and Steven Ponce: 22 year old Ethan Slade comes to us from Baton Rouge, LA, and Steven Ponce is 31 years old and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Ethan is in Ft. Lauderdale, staying with a friend for a long weekend. Both Ethan and Steven arrive to the gym first thing in the morning, as Ethan stands in the locker room in his jock strap, Steven gazes over and can’t resist attempting an encounter with Ethan. They engage in some hot kissing action, followed by Steven dressing down to his jock strap. After some foreplay, Ethan drops to his knees, giving Steven a round of oral action, which obviously is to Steven’s liking. Steven drops to his knees and the role is reversed, as he devours Ethan’s hard cock. He moves to Ethan’s ass and begins rimming him. Ethan sits down on Steven’s stiff cock and goes for a ride. They flip flop and Ethan takes Steven for a pleasure ride, where Steven squirts a helluva load across his entire torso and face. Ethan rubs on out, creaming him abs to face as well!


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Fucked Deep

30 April 2024

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