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Unboxing MEN: Glory Hole: Michael Vente / Cameron Neuton

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Today Cameron Neuton has a very special unboxing video for his fans: the Glory Hole premium male masturbator. Cameron is impressed as soon as he picks up the box, and even though he wants to get straight to testing, he makes sure he reads out the functions, including suction, glory hole, and turbo modes, before taking off his pants and getting down to it. Cameron lubes up with water-based Rain lube and is amazed at how the Glory Hole takes every inch. That’s when Michael Vente walks in, and Cameron invites him to try it out! Things are heating up, so Cameron turns off the camera before sliding the toy on Michael’s hard cock, and soon the bottom is riding him. Cameron’s hard as a rock after the Glory Hole got him ready, and he pounds the bottom in doggystyle and missionary till Michael orgasms, then Cameron pulls out and cums.



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17 April 2024

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18 April 2024

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