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Johnny Viper & Daniello Danure

Jawked on Badpuppy: Studly daddy hunk Johnny Viper and his bearish buddy Daniello Danure sure know how to start the day in this awesome new session. We need to mention, too, how sweet Daniello is for trying not to wake up his lover when his hairy ass needs a good fucking and choosing instead to enjoy his dildo. Although, we can all understand that Johnny wouldn’t mind being woken up for the chance to plunge his bareback fuck meat into that warm and welcoming hole. Daniello slides in the biggest dildo and jacks his hard cock while Johnny is snoozing beside him, but luckily he only gets a couple of minutes into his solo pleasures before his lover is discovering his antics. Naturally, Johnny can’t wait to get his mouth on that cock and pump Daniello’s hole with that huge toy. He loves the taste of his lover’s precum in his mouth, just as much as Daniello loves the taste of Johnny’s man hole. With their 69 session urging them on Johnny decides that his beefy pal has been having far too much anal fun and he needs some good fucking too. Although Daniello loves nothing more than a good raw cock up his ass he’s more than happy to be the top for muscled Johnny, spooning him and sliding in deep, giving him a great ride on his rigid cock and pumping his hot rump from behind. After so much pleasure it’s no wonder Daniello is ready to bust, pulling his naked cock out in time to douse his friend with his creamy load. That’s all Johnny needs, his cock is soon eager to splash and Daniello makes a mess of it with semen pouring down his beard while he savors the taste of his lover’s juices. Looks like they might need a double dildo to share next time.



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2 February 2024

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3 February 2024

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