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Zach Gives Back: Noah Bentley,Zach Letoa

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Big dicked Spikey Dee, and beautiful Noah Bentley can’t control their quickly stiffening staffs, as the pretty pair kiss, burning up the screen from the first shot! Dee’s already legendary dick pitches a towering tent in his boxer briefs, and naughty Noah goes nosing around on his knees. He strips the young stud of his shorts, and exclaims, “fuuuuck!” Which, when witnessing the wondererous girthy gift, is the absolute appropriate response. Spikey challenges the lusty lad to swallow the whole thing. Our boy gives it the ol’ college try, and gets just about there, when tears start to stream down his handsome face. But, Bentley never backs down from a challenge, and throats the big beast like a starving slut. Bricked up good, Dee bends his boy over, smacks his hot ass, spreads Bentley’s butt cheeks, takes a look inside, then plunges his pornstar sized piece in balls deep. Theres no shortage of moaning and dirty talk, mixed with a few sweet spank sounds to please the ear as pretty boy gets pounded. The tight, shredded top asks Noah if he’s like to take a ride. Noah can’t resist the colossal cock, and hops on, bouncing his heavy hog for the camera as he hammers his hips up, and down. After, Dee gets to dicking the dude on his back, as Bentley beats his meat, while his bust filled balls bounce. Dee’s dick is hitting places Noah’s never felt before; and, soon enough, the tan twink covers himself with a lusty load of white hot spunk. Spikey pulls his beefy bone out, and absolutely annihilates the guy’s ass with blas after blast of boy bust, that caresses the boy’s smooth can, and oozes down his sweat slick cheeks, into his hot, still hungry hole. Dee takes it as an invitation, and crams his cum covered cock right back in where it belongs. Pure perfection.



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Taking Off

21 January 2024

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