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Newbie Cock:Jack Evans,Spikey Dee

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Two of the freshest young guys we’ve got on our roster, Jack Evans and Spikey Dee go for broke in this naughty newbie nutfest! The pretty pair grope and tangle tongues while tossing clothes to the floor, before Evans turns his attention towards Dee’s already legendary dick. With stars in his eyes and lust on his lips Jack teases the twink’s supersizer over his drawers. Evans is dicknotized by the long dong that nearly hangs out of Spikey’s boxer briefs. The horned up young cock hound can’t control his curiosity and pulls at Dee’s underwear, releasing the beast in grand fashion. The huge hog comes spilling out right into Evan’s warm, waiting mouth. Our boy gives the glorious girthy gift a well deserved wet mouthed worshipping before Dee orders his boy onto the bed.

He tosses the twink’s smooth legs in the air and gets busy eating Evan’s eager ass. After dining like a king, Dee hops up on the bed and eases that big battering-ram in. Jack is so horny he takes the monster with ease, and it isn’t long before Dee is dicking the dude down, hard and fast. Spikey’s hero hog hits all the right spots, and Jack can’t control himself. He jacks his jack till it jets jizz through the air and splatters on his tight torso. But our boy is no quitter. He hops on top of Dee’s delicious dick and bounces that epic ass like a porn pro, before taking even more in doggy style. Dee drills balls deep till he’s ready to bust. Then he pulls out and empties his cock clip all over Evan’s well fucked ass. He pushes his sexy spunk back up Jack’s chute, then kisses him once more.




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