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Summer Sweat : Josh Brady,Sebastian Cruz


It’s a sunny summer day and Josh Brady and Sebastian Cruz have some fun exploring the town on scooters. It’s literally one hundred and ten degrees outside but it’s about to get even hotter! The delicious duo can’t contain their their insatiable appetites after taking their shirts off outside, and start making out, right there in the park! After giving some PDA, the boys decide to take it someplace a bit more private, and REALLY heat things up.

Their golden, sun-kissed skin glistens as they taste the summer sweat on each other’s lusty lips. Josh’s wandering hands find their way to Cruz’s crotch, and his thirsty throat quickly follows. He eats Cruz’s thick, uncut cock till he’s content, then lays back and lets his boy get to work. Sebastian sucks the superstar’s schlong with sloppy skill, before Brady tosses him up on the bed, and eats that ass like dinner! After probing the pretty boy’s smooth pucker with his talented tongue, Josh jams his giant johnson in, and gets to doing what he does best.

After expertly working the boy out on his back, he flips Sebastian over-face down, and smashes ass even harder! Brady is in total control, cocking the beautiful boy’s butt like a beast as he holds Cruz by the throat, causing him to arch his beautiful, bronze back like a whore in heat! Then Sebastian takes the best seat in the house, riding Brady’s big rig like he’s in a rodeo. Cruz can no longer hold back, and he cranks that uncut cock till it spits juicy jizz all over his hot jock’s tan torso. With sweat on his brow, Brady looks into Sebastian’s eyes, and plunges his pulsing piece balls deep. Sweet release is visible on his handsome face before our boy eases his beefy bone from Sebastian’s hole. Cruz’s ass is gorgeously gaped, allowing us a glorious view of Josh’s juice oozing out. It’s the absolute porn-perfect, cream-pie. Yum.




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