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Swapping Spots : Noah Bentley,Seth Peterson

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Beautiful buddies, Seth Peterson, and Noah Bentley swap date stories over a milkshake, before Seth cuts to the chase. Our boy doesn’t mince words one bit. He lets Noah know, he’s not looking for a date, he just wants to fuck. The starry eyed young twink appreciates the honesty, and winds up tangling tongues with with the muscley-hot, truth telling twunk! Sun streams through the window, highlighting the horned up hottie’s impossibly perfect, fuck-boy frames as they get to work on one another. After stripping his dream stud down to his well packed drawers, bone thirsty Bently unpacks pretty boy’s piece, and goes to town. After fucking naughty boy Noah’s face for a bit, Seth slaps his handsome, hungry mug down on the dude’s impressive hog, and goes ham. After dining like a king on cock, Seth smacks the slut in the can, and opens that tight tunnel with his darting tongue. Then, in more of a confident, cocksure statement then question, Seth says, “are you ready to get fucked?!” Not only is Noah ready, he’s ravenous, and ripe for the dicking. Seth smashes that smooth ass with golden boy gusto, and Noah loves every thick, thrusting inch. With his dick stiffening, cocky swagger in check, and without a word, Seth slips in front of Noah; and, our boy knows just what he wants. Noah eases his big rig deep inside Peterson’s perfect, pornstar pucker, and gets right to pounding. After taking a beautiful beating for a bit, Seth switches it up once more. Bentley gets to bouncing on Seth’s famous bone like a meat hungry whore, till he overflows, and spews seed like a summer time sprinkler. Coated in Bentley’s boy-bust, Seth let’s loose, exploding in raunchy, white hot ropes of spunk, all over Noah’s freshly emptied nuts. Seth slips his spew soaked schlong back up Bentley’s well banged butt hole for good measure, then seals this smash with a kiss.



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