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Saturday Special: Bart & Viggo Part 2

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It’s time for Bart to pay the price for the fantastic fucking that Viggo gave him in the first part of the update, and the bill seems to have added up to a sensual massage, a lot of ass-eating and a generous tip in the form of plowing Viggo’s tight hole. 

While Viggo is very outgoing and chatty, Bart is much more the silent, sensual type, preferring to get his message across physically, or with a seductive glance from his bedroom eyes. His compliant nature from the first part has disappeared here, and been replaced by the self-assurance of a skilled and tender lover.

Both guys shoot bigger and creamier loads here than in part one, but we are not sure if this reflects the amount of pleasure they felt, as they both seems totally absorbed in each other in each of the updates. Feel free to let us know which part you thought was hotter as we really can’t decide ourselves.



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Bart Cuban

5 August 2023

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