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Mike Jeison and Andy Reyes sure know how to welcome a new tenant to the house. The boys have been checking out sexy twink arrival Archi Gold and they’re sure he’s into sharing some hot and horny BoyFun.

It turns out they’re very correct.

After spying the sexy new boy on his bed in nothing but a tight little jock strap they hatch a plan. Well, not really a plan, they just decide to see if he wants to enjoy their throbbing twink dicks.

Of course the boy is down to share some good bareback fun with his gorgeous new housemates. He’s ecstatic to discover that he doesn’t just have a nice room to live in with some friendly roommates to hang out with, he’s got two delicious big cocks to suck and ride.

Within moments of their arrival in his room he’s slurping on gorgeous Mike’s eight inch shaft while Andy pumps his penis between his hairless butt cheeks.

The boys take the opportunity to slurp on his juicy dong and tight little pucker before switching roles. Andy gets his big knob gobbled while Mike takes the boy from behind and pumps his hole with his engorged meat.

Another couple of greedy swaps sees Archi riding Andy and finishing up on his back with Mike once again deep inside his pucker, leading to an inevitable flurry of sperm splashing.

Archi enjoys a shower of semen from his two new best pals, which is enough to have his own desperate dick erupting a thick mess of twink cream all over his belly.

No one is going to be complaining about the household chores they need to divide up, not when there’s so much fun on offer.



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9 July 2023

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