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SEX HOTEL : Mark Troy, Roque Rems

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Gym fit boy Mark Troy seems a little confused when he and Jawked lover Roque Rems arrive at the hotel. It seems his friend has a lot more than just sight seeing planned and he picked this hotel for its reputation.

Such colorful mismatched decor is often an indication of the style of an establishment, and Mark was clearly quickly aware that this was no ordinary trip.

He’s certainly not complaining when they get to the bed and Roque makes his move, showing that their stay in the city is likely to be spent mostly with their cocks hard and being pleasured.

Indeed, the two can’t wait to start their visit the way they plan to proceed, with clothes quickly coming off and their rampant dicks drooling precum in each other’s mouths.

The taste of dripping dong on the tongue can only lead to more desperate needs becoming apparent and with a little fingering and licking of Mark’s smooth twunk hole Roque is nudging his pucker with his swollen cock head.

The boy is more than happy to welcome his rod inside, jacking his swollen penis while the big man pumps him in the butt deep and hard. This man loves to fully fuck a boy like Mark and our lucky bottom is loving every aggressive second of it.

With his heavy pink balls bouncing and his erection slapping around Mark rides his pal with gusto, bouncing on Roque’s impressive man meat, determined to get them both to a big gushing finish.

That moment soon arrives with Mark on his back and enjoying a hard ramming from his hunky and experienced lover, his cock splashing leaping spurts of semen all over his tight body, a sight that can only lead to Roque bursting his own impressive fountain of cock cream all over his buddy.

The shared taste of their combined semen is the perfect end to their first fuck of the weekend, but undoubtedly they’ll be shooting plenty more spooge together before they pack their bags and head home.



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