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Well Bred : Brogan, Miguel Rey

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While walking around his resort hotel, Miguel Rey pauses when he notices a wide-open window that gives the perfect view of bearded hunk Brogan bent over and snapping hole pics on his phone. Brogan quickly notices the peeping Tom and begins putting on a show until the stranger finally enters his room to rim his ass. With the window still open and Brogan’s camera recording his every thrust, Miguel dips his bareback cock into Brogan’s inviting hole until the muscular bottom’s face is buried deep in the hotel sheets. After several positions of Brogan taking every inch of Miguel’s thick dick, Brogan is on his back getting bred by the passerby and covering himself in his own cum. Soon after, Miguel drops down to eat up the creamy seed leaking from Brogan’s wrecked hole.




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Carlos : red Solo

8 May 2023

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