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A QUICK RUB : Johnny Viper, Nico Vegas

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Handsome hunk Johnny Viper knows how to tempt a lean young man like Nico Vegas into a good climax, he’s all about giving in this Jawked session.

The moment the big man arrives in the bedroom he’s ready to get to work, and super fit Nico is more than accepting of his wandering hands on his lean and smooth torso. A little loving smooch and some meandering of his eager hands is all it takes to set the mood.

We would all gladly give this sexy young stud a good rubbing, but he’s soon getting more than an innocent massage from his experienced friend.

With a little oil and his butt revealed Nico enjoys the talented hands of his exploring friend, his body being worked seductively, even his bare feet being rubbed with oil and played with.

Johnny is the kind of man who loves to deliver a sensual and seductive session of play and it’s very clear that Nico is more than accepting of his attentions.

When his briefs are pulled down and his long pink penis is freed Johnny doesn’t waste a moment, playing with the swelling length, licking his balls and taint, sliding his lips down on the damp muscle.

He loves the taste of a leaking length of cock.

Young Nico only needs to lay back and enjoy the attention while talented Johnny sucks and rubs him, encouraging his smooth friend to gush his cum from his pink tip.

Johnny is a thorough lover, he can’t help but get a taste of the delicious juices once he’s made his pal spurt his milk.



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