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In episode 2 of Made In Mexico we introduce Chriss Murphy & JD Montoya, two new CockyBoys models—both from Colombia! Chriss is all about being dominated by a bigger guy and he really wants to feel every part of the experience, and that’s how JD takes care of him—with passion. Naked JD struts in, swinging his big dick and simply takes charge, feeding Chriss his cock, face fucking him, and eating his ass—and Chriss loves it!

JD’s loving passion is on full display as he alternately throat-fucks Chriss and fingers his hole while making out with him—and he’s just as thrilled as Chriss to pound his hole.  JD maintains full control, sucking Chriss when he wants and using him as a sex toy, piston fucking him when Chriss rides his cock.

JD holds Chriss hard and slightly manhandles him when he resumes pounding him from behind and things intensify even more when he pummels Chriss on his back. Chriss shoots a massive cumshot and JD is close behind, making his mark by shooting his big load over Chriss’ hole, breeding him with some of it and fingering both their loads deep into him! No question about it—these two had fun!

Jake Jaxson



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Dominik Trojan

11 April 2023

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