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INSTANT ATTRACTION : Ares Reiv, Jamie Kelvin

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Cute Jamie Kelvin is just minding his own business when sexy tourist Ares Reiv stops for a break on a nearby bench, and it soon becomes apparent that the two have an unspoken BoyFun attraction.

With a little suggestive groping young Ares is eager to get them out of the public eye and back at his hotel, and of course blond boy Jamie is eager to follow.

The moment they arrive there their lips are meeting and clothes are coming off. The smooth boys are perfectly matched and once down to their bulging briefs they’re eager to get at the meaty poles swelling up inside.

Greedy Jamie gags and gobbles the delicious uncut dick of his new friend the moment the hard staff is revealed, but he’s not the only one who loves the taste of hard cock.

The boys swap their penises in a delicious oral introduction before Ares goes for a taste of the boy’s smooth taint and pucker.

It’s a welcome probing, but it only leads to Jamie demanding that bareback rod inside him. Thankfully Ares is more than ready to claim his chute and moments later he’s sliding his warm inches in deep.

With a thrusting on his back and a pounding from behind Jamie is in heaven, but it’s the riding and wanking that has the smooth boy spurting his milky seed in an incredible fountain of a release.

The feel of the boy’s pucker throbbing around his meat soon has Ares pulling out and launching his own gooey ball juice, finishing up their unexpected encounter and making us certain they’ll be enjoying a lot more before Ares is going about his travels again.



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