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Some boys arrive for their debut just desperately eager to show off and have a good time for the BoyFun audience, and that was the case with hung young Matyus Puentes. His excitement and eagerness was palpable, and infectious.

As you might imagine from that opening paragraph, Matyus is a big show off. This lean and sexy twink from Colombia doesn’t have a shy bone in his body and we think it’s because he’s spent so many years playing sports. He’s used to being naked around his teammates.

He’s the kind of young man who prefers to be naked, and he prefers it even more when there are other guys around to admire him.

There’s a lot to admire, too.

Not only is this young man supremely horny all the time, and not only does he have a lean and tight sporty body and a great ass we would all love to explore, he’s blessed with eight inches of throbbing uncut dick to share with the world.

Watch as Matyus introduces himself without having to say a word. His body, his eyes and his cock speak to us in ways we can all understand.

His youthful erection is throbbing from the moment the camera is on him, tenting his basketball shorts while he massages the eager mass.

He teases a little with the revealing of his body and the bulging briefs, but in no time at all he’s naked, showing us his sexy ink, toying with his throbbing and damp erection, luring us in by displaying his perfectly smooth and super tight little hole.

We could honestly watch him for hours while thinking about all the things we’d love to do with him, but the boy desperately needs to get that cum gushing and we’re more than happy to unleash our own as his semen splashes from his bulging dick tip to splat all over his stomach.

Let’s hope for more of this super horny show off very soon.



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Christian Kyros

23 March 2023

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