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Asher Haynes Solo Session

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Uber popular pretty boy, Asher Haynes handles his business in this sensual strokeathon! The hottie hypnotizes as he strips, and stares you down with delicious, come fuck me eyes, and a lusty look. His tousled hair frames that handsome face perfectly, as the tatted twink traces his beautiful body with wandering hands. Haynes inhales, taking a deep breath as he hoists his heavy, seed filled sack up to show off that perfectly smooth, horny hole of his. Then, he looks back with those leading man-good looks, before straddling the tub to continue working his fat cock into a frenzy. The ambient sounds cease, and all you hear is the beautiful boy’s breath, panting in time to a sensual stroking symphony; and, he lets go. An erotic avalanche of beautiful boy bust blasts from his spasming schlong. The sweet treat oozes down, coating his absolutely edible cock with fresh, white hot cream as Asher’s erotic image fades into perfect spank bank material, until next time.

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Camille Kenzo

21 March 2023

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