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DRILLED BY DOMINIK : Billy Garcia, Dominik Xoxo

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Looks can be quite deceptive, and that’s definitely true of floppy haired Dominik Xoxo. This young man looks like a twink, but he’s hot a hot BoyFun twunk body and a raging bareback cock that needs some hot ass.

Lucky for him he’s in touch with the perfect recipient of that dick.

Billy Garcia is hot and horny and with just a few suggestive texts he has the buff young guy eager to stop by and give him a good drilling.

The pair don’t need any discussion, as soon as he arrives they’re making out and Dominik is paying a whole lot of attention to his friend’s bulging wet penis. He sucks and licks the delicious dong with obvious skill before his own rock hard meat is out for Billy to taste.

With dicks dripping pre and slippery with spit young Billy’s ass is soon up for some licking and slapping, and with Dominik making a feast of his hole he’s soon desperate for that raw length to slide in deep.

Lean Billy rides the cock and rubs his own stiff one before taking it from behind and enjoying a good banging on his back. The boy has been so desperate to get off it’s a wonder he can last as long as he does, especially with Dominik’s energetic pumping.

Finally the boy gets the relief he needed, splashing his semen hard and fast all over his abs, a sight that’s enough to trigger top boy Dominik into dousing the boy with his own splashing semen.



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6 March 2023

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