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With his cute face, tanned and lean body, and a big uncut cock to play with, fresh BoyFun arrival Cala Valerio is guaranteed to turn heads and have you demanding more from him.

We join the smooth and slim young hottie in the bedroom where he can’t wait to get to grips with his big intact boner.

He’s reaching into his shorts and toying with his swelling penis from the moment we arrive, and with his abs on display and his shorts pulled down he’s soon freeing the desperate dong from his black and white underwear.

Cala really does have an amazing cock, and he knows how to enjoy it.

He’s an avid masturbator who needs to stroke his meat at least twice a day, and we’re more than happy to be joining him for this afternoon session.

Watch as he stands and towers over us. At 6′ 3″ he’s an impressive young twunk and it’s perhaps no surprise his cock matches his height. So many lean and tall bys have the biggest dicks.

He grasps his shaft and rubs his helmet in his skilled hands, taking his time to play with his tender member while we watch.

The sight of him bending over to play with his smooth and tight pucker is so tempting you’ll be fantasizing about sliding in there and filling him up. No doubt you’d offer a reach around to work that immense shaft of pleasure for him while you ease in and out.

Be ready for a great finish. When Cala lays back to focus on his penis, jacking his incredible length in his hands, he’s soon splashing out a fountain of cum that almost hits the camera man.



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