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Ivan Kolos and Tony Keit

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Tony Keit is bent over sorting thru his locker when Ivan Kolos walks into the gym. Ivan spies Tony’s hot ass undulating in midair and is quickly turned on. Ivan stands there for a brief moment, groping his crotch as he enjoys the view. He walks over and gives Tony a whack on the bum. Tony turns around and upon seeing Ivan standing there holding his rock-hard cock still confined in his pants, a huge grin comes across his face. Ivan starts massaging Tony’s buttocks and Tony moans with pleasure. Ivan directs Tony back against the locker, drops his pants and pulls out his raging boner. Tony stands there transfixed by the huge uncut cock Ivan is holding in his hands. Tony kneels in front of Ivan and woofs down Ivan’s cock. Ivan puts his hands on Tony’s head and starts face-fucking Tony, pushing his cock deep into his throat. Tony strips off his shirt and stands up next to the lockers. He pulls his shorts down showing off a tight ass protruding from the back of his jock strap. Ivan stands up behind him and slowly pushes his dick deep into Tony’s eager hole. He begins feverishly pounding Tony’s hole and as Tony gets into it, he rocks himself back and forth on Ivan’s cock. Tony strips out of his clothes and Ivan sits down on the bench, his own cock standing straight up. Tony straddles Ivan, sits down, and begins bouncing up and down on Ivan’s thick piece of meat. After an intense ride, Tony turns around, lays back on the bench and pulls his legs back giving Ivan easy access to his hole. Ivan fills Tony’s hole with his cock and the fuck-fest continues. Tony grabs his own cock and starts jacking it in rhythm with Ivan’s motion. As Ivan drives his cock deeper Tony lets out a long, deep moan as he blows a thick load of creamy white jizz all over his toned abs and chest. Ivan pulls out, straddles Tony’s chest and his cock erupts, spewing even more cum onto Tony’s chest and face. Completely exhausted Ivan rubs his cum-covered cock on Tony’s lips giving Tony a taste of his juicy load.

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