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Steven Angel and Archi Gold

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As the Badpuppy video tour through Colombia comes to an end, we had one last chance to pair up super-stud Steven Angel, and the uber-adorable Archi Gold gladly dropped by to show off his new tattoo. The tattoo just happens to drop below Archi’s pants, and Steven leans forward to unzip his pants in an effort to see more. The two kiss passionately as Archi reaches over to rub the bulge growing in Steven’s pants. Steven rips off Archi’s shirt and he begins ravishing Archi’s body with kisses, stopping to lick Archi’s nipples as he works his way around Archi’s ripped chest. Archi grabs ahold of Steven’s shirt and pulls it off over his head. The passion is heating up quickly as Steven pulls Archi to his feet. Steven drops to his knees and pulls off Archi’s pants and underwear. He spins Archi around and buries his face deep into Archi’s ass. Steven licks Archi’s hole, shoving his wet tongue as deep as he can push. Meanwhile Archi grabs his own cock and begins jerking it. Archi directs Steven to sit on the sofa where he voraciously goes down on Steven’s thick, uncut cock. He swallows every inch of Steven’s dick, at times almost gagging as he enjoys his massive treat. Steven pulls Archi up onto the sofa and immediately goes down on his rock-hard cock. Flipping Archi over onto all fours, Steven’s tongue primes Archi’s tight pink hole. Steven mounts Archi and pushes his cock deep into Archi’s ass. Archi moans with pleasure as Steven buries it all the way in. Steven starts thrusting back and forth, slow at first, but as Archi’s hole loosens a bit, Steven pounds harder and faster. Archi winds up on his back, heels in the air, with Steven continuing to fuck fast and furious. Archi grabs his own cock. He is so turned on that almost the moment he begins jacking his cock, he loses it and dumps a thick load of creamy jizz all over his ripped abs. Steven can’t hold back either, he pulls out and squirts his love-juice all over Archi’s cock and balls. With a look of both satisfaction and exhaustion our two Latin lovers have one final kiss as the camera fades to black.



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30 December 2022

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