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Kirk Gauguin & Tim Moffie

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Welcome to Andalusia!
This is our first video from our latest jaunt to the Spanish coast. After a week of travelling, we finally settled down close to Malaga in time for the fun to begin. After the long journey, Kirk is tired and falls asleep by the pool, leaving the others to explore the town. Tim Moffie, our newbie at that time, stays in the villa with Kirk in case he needs something. Tim makes sure that the one thing Kirk really needs is his ass. After a brief blowjob by the pool, the couple move inside and continue the oral fun. Once Tim feels ready, Kirk gently slides his massive cock inside his new friend’s ass and fucks him in several positions before shooting a load over his butt. After he licks his cum off Tim’s butt, he sucks his partner until climax.



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Best Boys

28 October 2022

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