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Hot Coffee : Callum Dean, Guido Plaza

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Hot muscle boys Guido Plaza and Callum Dean meet in the middle of town and the two are soon heading back to Callum’s apartment. There might be a short pretext of having coffee but it’s soon clear that Guido is here for some Jawked fun.

The dark and handsome hunk starts to grope and explore his host and you can bet Callum isn’t complaining about it at all. With a passionate kiss their pants are falling and Guido’s incredible cock bulge is quickly being grasped and played with by eager jock Callum.

With his muscled physique revealed Callum’s cock swells and throbs in anticipation, quickly welcomed into Guido’s greedy mouth as the stud drops to his knees to worship his host’s erection.

Coffee is most certainly forgotten when Guido lays back in the chair and welcomes the sucking skills of his friend. Callum has natural skills when it comes to slurping a pal’s penis, but it’s quickly clear that Guido is still hungry.

He buries his bearded face between the jock cheeks of his handsome pal and licks his ass, but it’s not Callum’s hole that’s desperate for a bareback dick inside it.

Once more the two hunky men swap around and Callum eases his own long pink meat into his friend, fucking Guido from behind up against the cabinets.

The blond jock follows it up by accepting a seat on his friend’s erection, riding Callum in the seat before laying back and doubling up for a deep thrusting.

Relief finally comes with a cum splashing shower over his handsome bearded face, the spooging leading to his own big cock bursting forth a fountain of thick milky goo.



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