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Taking Care Of Business : Bastian Karim, Tyler Berg

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Overworked businessmen Bastian Karim and Tyler Berg are the first to arrive at their boss’ Spanish villa for their company’s latest work retreat. Ready to relax, the two enjoy a playful swim before deciding to fully take advantage of their private surroundings by having Tyler bury his face between Bastian’s jiggly cheeks. The two coworkers then take their naked and exposed bodies inside where a moaning Tyler will grip Bastian’s thick thighs as the bottom takes a ride on his bareback dick. Now on his back, Bastian shifts his head back as Tyler continuously pumps his lengthy cock in and out of his smooth hole. As Tyler speeds up his expert stroke game, both men begin to climax by covering Bastian’s body in their fresh jizz.




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31 August 2022

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