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Cody Seiya & Kane Fox in extraordinary flip scene…

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In “Wake Up” Cody Seiya & Kane Fox take advantage of waking up alone for some dreamy morning sex while the rest of their comrades are up and about enjoying a sensual group shower outside. Kane is roused by Cody playing with his feet and then sliding under the billowy sheets to suck him. Soon though Cody sits on Kane’s chest to make out with him while Kane’s cock is teasing his crack and in turn Kane sucks Cody’s morning wood.

It’s not long before the guy’s transition to a 69 in which Cody feasts on Kane’s cock while Kane eats his ass and sucks his tasty cock and balls. Cody wants some of that action too and as Kane lies flat on his tummy, Cody goes to eat his hole. Kane loves it so much he wants Cody to fuck him and so after humping his crack, Cody drills his hungry ass which Kane periodically thrusts up to meet Cody’s cock.

Kane takes a small break to suck Cody and taste his own hole, then give Cody a taste of his own cock by making out with him. Cody then goes back to fucking Kane, this time drilling him from the side and as much as Kane wants it to last, Cody wants him inside him too. So after going back into a 69 where Kane eats his hole again, Cody swivels around to sit on his cock and ride him.

Kane literally wishes every hole was like Cody’s, so after going back to suck him, he resumes his topping by plowing Cody from behind. Kane soon fucks Cody on his back so he can watch him cum, and after some intense drilling, Cody cums, coating his washboard abs with a thick load. It’s not long before Kane goes over the edge and gives Cody a HUGE open-mouth facial. And he happily wears it before they too head off to shower and start the day.



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