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Impatient blond boy Nico Vegas needs a cock real bad, but thankfully his friend Adam Barnes just can’t seem to say no to some good BoyFun even though his partner is at home.

He steps out and takes a risk, with Nico quickly down on his knees and sucking on Adam’s impressive uncut schlong.

It’s enough to have any horny boy rigid and desperate to spurt some cream, but before they can get to mutual slurping and some cum splashes Adam’s boyfriend almost catches them in the act.

Neither seems to be too concerned about the prospect, heading into the house while the boyfriend is outside and heading straight to the couch where Nico’s delicious dick gets a slurping in return.

Just when you think these boy’s have been risky enough they’re soon both butt naked and Nico is offering up his bareback hole for Adam’s long meat to fill.

We don’t know where the boyfriend is by this point, but we can’t help but feel bad for him while Nico slides his ass down on his friend’s raw cock and bounces in his lap. We’re mostly sad for the unknown lover because he’d obviously want a piece of that action too.

It’s a frantic fuck, but with Nico’s dick pumping cream he’s almost satisfied, all he needs to do it furiously rub Adam’s awesome length and make his cock splash a fountain of sperm to taste and the two are hurriedly escaping the clueless boyfriend.



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