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Wake Up and Rim : Danny Delano, Karl Stevens

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Danny Delano and Karl Stevens are a couple of smooth and super fit young twinks with healthy appetites for BoyFun. Their stiff uncut cocks are seemingly always ready for some slurps in mouths and pumps in bareback butts, so it’s no surprise young Karl is rock hard in his briefs when Danny finds him snoozing on the couch.

His buddy wakes up at just the right moment to catch him gawping at the tempting bulge, and with an invitation to explore it dark-haired Danny is gorging on the massive uncut cock released from the cotton pouch.

The first slurps of his pal’s incredible penis unleash what can only be considered a rampant session of licking and sucking, with the naked smooth boys trading their dicks in a feast of greedy oral that soon becomes a rimming session.

Along with having an incredible cock Karl also has an incredible ass, smooth and delicious, the kind of pucker a boy like Danny can’t seem to get enough of. He gives his buddy a thorough licking, until his quivering hole is wet and begging for that long uncut bareback boner to slide in deep.

Danny is more than capable of delivering what Karl so clearly needs. He fills his friend in a spooning position before taking him from behind and finishing up with Karl on his back, legs up and his own dick desperate for release while Danny thrusts inside him.

The sight of Karl’s hot seed pumping out over his abs soon has Danny ready to deliver his own goopy mess, jacking his meat while Karl feeds him his spent erection.

To say it’s the best way to be woken up is an understatement.



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