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Rubbed the Right Way : John Crawford, Ollie Barn

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Cute teen Ollie Barn is quite impressive, boldly walking through town with his shirt open and his fit young body on display for all who care to glance. He has an appointment to keep and a very horny twink to receive an intense rub down from, but of course it wouldn’t be complete without some hard-dicked BoyFun.

John Crawford is ready and waiting for him, his hands on his bare flesh within moments of his arrival. Clearly the sporty 18 year old needs a little relief and with his friend’s palms and fingers exploring his body it’s not long before his ass is out and he’s flipping over to produce one of the most impressive teen cocks.

His perfect penis is quite thick and most definitely delicious, which John can attest to. The masseur licks and sucks the swollen length, slurping on his plump round tip, enjoying the taste of the boy’s precum.

While Ollie might have arrived hoping to be the center of attention he can’t help but return the favor once his hung pal’s incredible dong is revealed. He has the skills to properly work John’s tool with equal gusto, before turning his attention to his host’s naked little pucker.

With his tongue warmed up he laps and tickles John’s hole, getting it ready for his urgent teen erection to slide inside, raw and throbbing. He pumps his pal from behind and gives the boy an amazing ride, but with John on his back and wanking his own huge meat it’s not long before the smooth boy is doused in hot cock cream from both desperate dicks.



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