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Marco Napoli and Florian Mraz

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Marco Napoli is sitting on the sofa reading his favorite magazine when Florian Mraz comes in and sits down next to him to see what his buddy is up to. Florian leans back; Marco takes the hint and puts down the magazine, then reaches over and begins rubbing the bulge in Florian’s shorts. Florian and Marco begin kissing passionately as Florian reaches up to pull off Marco’s shirt, revealing Marco’s muscular pecs and abs, with just the perfect amount of fur on his chest. Marco removes his shorts, he isn’t wearing any underwear so his growing cock pops right out, ready to be serviced. Florian doesn’t waste any time going down on Marco, bobbing up and down on Marco’s sausage. After a few minutes of this, Marco is ready to return the favor. He helps Florian remove his shorts, and out pops Florian’s rock-hard cock. Marco goes to work on Florian’s perfect uncut tube steak, licking and sucking every square centimeter of cock and balls. Florian is hard as steel, and ready to stick his dick into something tighter than a mouth. He spins Marco around on the couch, and mounts him from behind. Florian starts slow at first, but then starts fucking Marco hard and fast. They change positions a couple of times, as Florian continues to pound Marco mercilessly. Florian then sits back on his haunches, directing Marco to face him, and lowers him down on his cock to fuck Marco from below. They quickly change positions again, as Florian lays Marco down on his back, lifts his legs in the air, and resumes fucking him from above. They flip around and do a quick 69, each sucking the other’s cock; but then go right back to the previous position with Marco on his back. After all of this pounding, Marco is on the edge, and he can’t take any more; he starts jerking faster, and shoots his hot creamy load all over his furry abs. This triggers Florian, who pulls out and squirts his own thick cum all over Marco’s chest. Totally satiated for now, our studs kiss and caress each other then head to the shower for some more fun.



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