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Ballet Boy : Daniel Star

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Blond twink Daniel Star is back in front of the cameras for BoyFun and we couldn’t be happier to see him in his sheer dancing outfit.

What you might think is about to become something of a ballet performance soon becomes something far sexier, with the young man’s cock swelling under the shiny material.

Like most young guys his age he can’t possibly ignore his most urgent needs. With some groping of his swelling penis he’s enjoying the feel of the stretchy fabric against his meaty tip, his cock getting harder by the second until he has to free the stiff inches for direct contact.

His deliciously damp and tumescent length isn’t the only object of his attentions. With his sheer ballet bottoms slipped off the boy is soon kneeling and displaying his smooth little ass, massaging his cheeks and teasing his pucker.

We can only imagine what he’s like with the other boys in his ballet class. With his youthful erection primed and ready to blast the boy lays back on the couch and focuses on his goal, rubbing his tip, stroking his shaft and finally launching his milky teen cum all over his smooth body.

We’d love to see some more of his dance moves, but for now he needs to hit the shower and clean up.



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24 May 2022

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