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Anal After Practice : Dann Grey, Simon Best

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Simon Best looks too damn hot in his footballer kit out in the street, it’s no wonder big and buff Dann Grey wants to invite him up to his apartment for some post-training cool-down Jawked fun.

No one in their right mind could resist such a tempting invitation, Simon mos certainly can’t. Even though he seems surprised by the hunger of his new host when he arrives in the stranger’s bedroom he’s likely more than a little familiar with dick, having spent so much time with his teammates.

Within moments of the soccer boy’s arrival Dann has made a beeline for the throbbing footballer cock in the young man’s shorts, revealing the sporty jock’s meat and sliding his wet lips up and down the pink shaft, suckling on the fleshy tip.

Simon is no slouch when it comes to going on the offensive. With a goal in sight he’s more than willing to put up some stiff competition in the oral department. He gobbles and gorges on the tanned boner of his new muscle buddy, taking it deep.

Seeing his chance to score Simon takes aim, but this goalie isn’t going for any defense. He slams it home, his dick easing up and deep inside Dann’s wanton pucker, his sporting skills soon being put to good use while his nuts swing and slap with the determined thrusts of his athletic build.

The match comes to a spectacular finish with spooge being spent and Dann enjoying a taste of victory, but we already know these guys are going into extra time.



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