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Rhys, Andrei, & Rick DP!


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It is all fun and games at the Chateau today as Andrei finds himself with too much free time on his hands and decides to rope Rhys in on a little 3way action. His first choice of partner to try out some DP fun with is Christian.  Of course, Christian is up for the challenge, but boyfriend Hoyt is having none of it. Luckily we have more than 1 power bottom on hand and Rick Palmer is also keen to try it for the first time. Andrei is the first to sample Rick’s treasure, giving him a good pounding before Rhys takes over and works his magic on his buddy’s hole. Once Rick feels that he has been loosened up enough it is time for the main event, with Rick first lowering himself onto Rhys’ cock and Andrei joining him there from behind.



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