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Introducing Easton Gray

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Our super popular series, “Introducing” is back; so u know what that means, fine ass, fresh meat! Sexy Silas Brooks interviews new guy, Easton Gray in an adorably fun conversation. They touch on what kind of porn they watch, the fact the Easton considers himself slightly bisexual, his first boy crush, plus much more deliciously dirty, tasty topics, such as Gray’s humiliation kink. This IS “Introducing,” so; naturally, the spicy conversation leads the boys to the bedroom, and Easton to his knees, where he eats dick like a dirty lil’ devil! Silas smacks him with his heavy hog a bit, but the newbie loves it, only making him go harder. Brooks then rolls out the welcome wagon with an ass cupping, dick throating, cock gobble that Easton can’t get enough of! He grabs Brooks by the back of the head, and helps him go to town! Anxious to get at the new boy’s ass, Brooks bends him over the bed, and devours that beautifully, tight bubble, causing Easton to beg for a fucking. Silas cracks him on the can, then crams his cock in the dude for his first EVER, on screen, ass smash! Brooks comments on how tight the twink is, while Easton’s face is mixed with that beautiful combination of pleasure, and pain. After some porn perfect positions, Silas surprises the newbie with a request, “fuck me now,” he says. And, boy, does the newbie step up to the plate! The dude drills Brooks’ butt like a pornstar pro, pounding pipe till Silas is slick, and super soaked with both boy’s sticky good, sex seed. Welcome to Helix, Easton Gray!




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Sean Ford

28 April 2022

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