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Good Impression : Derek Shaw, Adam Reid

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Derek Shaw’s best bud is coming over to hang with him, and new bf, Adam Reid. Naturally, Adam is nervous, and wants to make a great impression; but, as he’s cleaning the house like a mad man, best boyfriend ever, Shaw assures him, all that matters is that they’re together. He also wants to show his tight bodied twink bf off a bit! This sends Reid into a righteously, raunchy raid; and, the boys get in one hell of a lusty lay before Shaw’s bestie arrives! The perfectly, pretty couple suck one another’s cocks like hungry cannibals, before Derek dips his darting tongue into Adam’s epically, edible ass. Once the smooth sexpot is primed, Shaw smashes Reid’s rump raw, and rough, smashing that hot, hind end with his huge, hard hitting hammer. After taking the twink’s incredible, alabaster ass on a thick dicked, tantric tour, Reid’s rig starts to rumble, and explodes all over his hot top’s tight torso! Then, Derek’s thick Dick detonates, dousing the lil’ dude’s dunk with delicious dick spunk, that he slaps against the cutie’s freshly crammed crack. Hot, bangin’ boyfriend bang-bliss at it’s finest by a roaring fire! Does it get any better?!?!




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