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Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

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Superstar Diego Sans makes his CockyBoys debut with newcomer Matthew Cooper! They have genuine chemistry and you’ll find out why in their playfully sexy introduction in which Matthew reveals he had a porn crush on Diego well before they met online and had some fun together. Diego has some big reveals too, more contributing factors to their chemistry….which you will see in action.

As they make out, Matthew can’t keep his hands off Diego’s hot bod and he’s just as eager to suck his cock. So is Diego and in little time he’s in a 69 with Matthew, deep sucking him, eating his ass, and fingering his hole. Matthew soon wants more than a finger and rides Diego’s cock, unleashing a torrent of wild, sexual energy and unquenchable passion.

Now that Matthew has opened up for him, Diego really takes charge and fucks him bent over with his muscle ass raised up high. Diego gets Matthew into position to drill down into the very vocal bottom for maximum pleasure. And when Diego flips him on his back, every way he fucks Matthew makes him express himself with vividly vocal pleasure.

Finally, Diego fucks Matthew from the side and as he wraps his arms around his writhing body, he thrusts in deeper and deeper. Diego soon goes over the edge and pulls out to cum, shooting his big load everywhere before pumping his cock into Matthew. As Diego kisses him, Matthew also cums, his creamy load erupting over his abs. As they lie back spent, total satisfaction registers in their sexy smiles. We bet YOU are satisfied too!!



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4 April 2022

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