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Rock My Cocksickle : Adam Keller, Alex Powelly

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Slim little twink boy Adam Keller is relaxing on the couch with Alex Powelly when he makes it clear that he’s a little bored, and perhaps they can enjoy some BoyFun. Of course, no horny young guy needs to be convinced into such a thing and with a little sexy smooching the two are quickly caught in a lustful embrace that can only lead in one direction.

As clothes are abandoned and the smooth friends reveal more of themselves their lustful desires only grow. The sight of Adam’s big bulging underwear is far too tempting to ignore and Alex frees the throbbing twink cock in moments, wanking him slowly before diving in with his mouth.

The helmet of that dick is quickly wet and glistening, smeared with spit and precum while his lips and tongue work the plump tip. His own cock is soon looking just as delicious when Adam gets his lips around it to return the favor.

No doubt this oral feast of stiff young cock could lead to explosive eruptions in mere minutes, but these boys need more than just a taste of each other’s hard lengths.

Adam sinks his bare penis in from behind, filling his pal’s pucker with his turgid meat and thrusting deep. The riding young Alex enjoys on his friend, slipping up and down on the steely cock, is enough to have them both so close to the finish.

The final spooning is what really takes the two boys to their inevitable climax, facing off and jacking their dicks furiously, each one splashing their hot cream from their desperate prongs in a jack off finish that has us all joining in.



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