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CockyBoys JAKE JAXSON & RJ SEBASTIAN Present the Finale of Game On with Leo Louis & Leo Grand!

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n the GAME ON series finale, financial machinations have come to fruition and the gaming company has new controlling interests AND an unexpected new CEO! Meanwhile, Leo Grand and Leo Louis are spending more time together in the Mexican resort, leading Leo L to flirtatiously invite Leo G to his cabana….

Alone at last, Leo Louis seduces Leo Grand by standing in front of him and playing with the outline of his growing cock in his shorts. When Leo L slowly takes out his ginormous cock, Leo G is transfixed by it and awestruck when Leo L comes over to kiss him and give him a closer look. Leo G then takes the challenge of servicing Leo L’s cock, first by licking its length, then sucking on the head.

Leo G’s mouth inches his way down the shaft and it isn’t long before he asks Leo L to fuck his throat. Leo L obliges and is pleased by the way Leo G takes him deep and as he gets lots of pleasure he turns his attention to Leo G’s butt. Soon, Leo L buries his face between Leo G’s ass cheeks, slathers over his hole and uses his fingers to open him up. Leo L enters Leo G slowly to expand his hole before he starts to fuck him with every inch

Leo L fucks Leo G with increasing intensity and ownership, holding hm by the throat and pounding him harder before switching gears and getting Leo G to ride him. With Leo L’s guidance, Leo G rides him with increasing confidence to the point that he asks Leo L to take him on his back. While Leo G reclines Leo L sucks his cock and eats his ass again then pounds him with powerful intensity.

When Leo L again grasps Leo G by the throat he goes over the edge and barely pulls out in time to shoot his ultra-thick load all over Leo’s hole and breed him with it. Leo L’s then goes back to licking Leo G’s hole as he jacks off until he too shoots his load. As they lie together kissing, Leo Grand is totally removed from all the stress he was holding in.

So, who IS the “winner” in the challenge offered by the late CEO Marcus to his friends and business partners? One person is particularly happy by the way everything has worked out…



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Tom Gabbard

26 March 2022

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