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Introducing Kai Taylor

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Our spicy series, “Introducing” is BACK; and you know what THAT means- fresh meat! This installment highlights newbie, Kai Taylor. With his sultry eyes, 26 inch waist, and 7 inch cock, he’s bound to be the new dude of your dreams! Super stud, Josh Brady interviews the bright eyed, buttery brown skin babe, and Kai offers it alllll up! The 20 year old coached gymnastics, is a former army brat who played sports, and went to a Christian school. If all that weren’t enough, Kai talks coming out at 13, and the boyfriends that followed. He also discusses his “big dick,” and the fact that he “CAN’T let that go to waste!” Brady then gets to the bottom of what tight bodied Taylor likes in the bedroom, then uses it to get them goin’! What starts off as a super hot, love choke, quickly turns into a scalding snog sesh, that has Brady bouncing that pretty head up and down on Kai’s cock in no time. One always has to get the new dude’s a thorough inspection; so, Brady turns him over, then probes that perfect posterior with his tongue. Taylor looks back at him, and moans out some delicious dirty talk as Brady eats butt, and smacks that incredible ass. Josh then cracks the dude on the can, and orders him to, “turn around, and suck this dick.” Kai goes at Brady’s beefy bone with throat gobbling gusto, slurping, and sucking between Josh slapping his sloppy knob on Taylor’s tongue. Josh reaches back, and spreads the boy’s smooth bubble; then turns him around, and plunges his cock deep inside.Brady dicks the dude in a plethora of porny positions before bringing Kai to the brink while riding him. The newbie explodes with pleasure, and his white hot nut splatters all over that beautiful brown body. The scrumptious sight sends josh’s jock where it needs to be, and he adds to the spooge party, plastering the pretty boy’s balls, and butt with stud bust. Josh then jams that giant jock back where it belongs, and seals this smash with a kiss. Welcome to Helix, Kai!




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