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Tech Support | Part Three : Asher Haynes, Noah Bentley

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Sexy Silas Brooks has been making the rounds in the neighborhood as tech support, helping out cock hungry couples in MANY ways. Today he’s at gorgeous couple Asher Haynes, and Noah Bentley’s place. After working on their computer, he helps the guys settle a disagreement, making the couple so happy they start gettin’ hot, and heavy, right there in front of him! So, Silas takes off, and the horned up hotties REALLY get down. After a steamy strip down-suck face fest, Bentley winds up with Asher’s beefy bone down his throat. After, Haynes pantses the dude, and gobbles some girthy groin as well. Then, he flips the lil’ fella over, and gets to work on that smooth back seat, tonguing his way deeper, and deeper with each luscious lick. With Noah looking back at him, moaning for more, the tatted, ripped twink stands up, and let’s his boy know…. he’s about to get fucked. He plunges his perfect piece deep in his bf’s booty, and immediately starts hammering the hottie’s hind end. Noah’s dick looks delicious, as Asher annihilates that epic ass. He nails the naughty boy in porn-perfect positions all over their bed. Cumming into the horny home stretch, Bentley bounces on Asher’s big beast like a bronc rider, as Haynes cups his can , and crams his colossal cock up inside. The sensation sends explosive signals to Noah’s nuts, and his dick erupts, covering him in white, gooey gold. His hole clenches around Asher’s cock, causing him to cross the threshold as well. He gets up into his knees, and unloads his sex spunk all over Bentley’s beautiful butt crack, and cheeks. Gooey, good fun.



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