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Avery Jones & Dallas Preston in a Sizzling Flip Fuck

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There’s trouble in paradise as more machinations put the fate of the late video game mogul Marcus Muskburg’s ( Matthew Cooper) company in doubt. One of his partners (Daniel Evans, Kane Fox & Leo Grand) bows out while a secret entity seems to be plotting a takeover. AND, Marcus’ widower Houston Moore (Dallas Preston) has plans too as he carries on a clandestine affair with Avery Jones.

Dallas and Avery escape from all the intrigue back the hotel room for a romantic rendezvous. Dallas lies back on the bed and Avery de-stresses him with playful fondling and a sensuous, deep blowjob. Avery uses his mouth and hands to bring Dallas to a state of bliss and elevates him higher by eating his ass, feeding him cock a getting him into a slobbering 69.

Dallas soon wants to ride Avery’s cock and using the edge of the bed for support he works his hole on that cock as Avery sits in a chair. At the same time, Avery uses Dallas’s lithe body like a life-size fuck toy before bending over the side of the bed to pound his hole. And yet in the middle of all this Avery decides he wants some too demands Dallas fuck him from behind.

Avery soon switches gears again and fucks Dallas on his back non-stop until the excited bottom cums for his dominant top. In a matter, of seconds Avery pulls out to shoot his load over Dallas’s hole and slide his throbbing cock inside him. As they kiss, brought even closer together, whatever is going on in their lives will just have to wait…



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