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It’s Complicated : Ian Greene, Shae Reynolds, Jordan Starr

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Lovers Ian Greene and Jordan Starr are beginning to explore their options outside of traditional monogamy by bringing the hung Shae Reynolds into their bedroom. Young hunk Shae hops in the couple’s bed and with the help of Ian, kneels down to simultaneously service Jordan’s hard cock. Shae then turns his attention to the other men’s holes. He rims Ian’s glorious ass before using his long, girthy cock to bareback the bearded daddy. After stretching Ian out, he goes in to fill up Jodan’s muscular ass. Pumping himself in and out of Jordan causes Shae’s XL cock to erupt jizz all over Jordan’s naked body. With their top officially satisfied and drained, the couple begins stroking themselves off until each of them are covered in their hot loads.



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