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Morning Moans : Daniel Star, Jay Hammel

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Big dicked boy Jay Hammel is enjoying a relaxing morning with his hot blond friend Daniel Star nearby when his need for BoyFun takes over. Like most young men his age he can barely keep his cock in his pants.

I might start out with the lean twink releasing his big uncut dick for some stroking bliss but you know that when a boy like Daniel notices a tempting piece of meat like that he’s gonna want to enjoy it with him.

The moment Jay offers that tool the boy is sucking on it, using his skilled lips and tongue to worship the engorged wet head, sucking his meaty inches and producing his own for the boy to taste.

You can bet the hunger for dick is mutual. With their leaping penises glistening with precum and spit the boys work each other over, leading to an inevitable bareback banging.

Jay has the kind of cock no boy could refuse, especially not a bottom boy like Daniel. With his tight pucker up and his back arched he takes it from behind, raw and deep.

A ride on the impressive length makes his own cock slap against Jay’s stomach with a bouncing rhythm as the pleasure grows within them both.

There’s time for a final thrusting as Daniel lays back on the couch, his lean body tight and his stiff dick in his wanking hand, the pleasure crashing through him as semen pumps from his tip in a messy display that could only bring Jay to the brink of climax.

The semen floods from Jay’s cock in a messy release, pouring all over young Daniel’s spent cock and balls, dripping down over his fucked hole in a final volley of twinky bliss that has us all joining in.



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Tony Keit

4 March 2022

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