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Buttering His Popcorn: Part 2 : Joey Mills / Devy

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It’s Joey Mills’ first day working concessions, and he immediately flirts with his new coworker, Devy, holding his hand for a long time as he gives him seductive looks till Devy has to do something about it. Joey does his best to serve customers as Devy blows him and rims him under the counter, but when the lobby clears out, the guys take their chance to fuck! Devy pounds Joey doggystyle, then the twink lies back over the counter and sucks Devy’s cock. After Joey fucks Devy’s face, they hop up on the counter where he rides the top reverse till he orgasms, then Devy fucks him doggystyle till he shoots his hot \”butter\” on some popcorn.



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3 March 2022

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