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Avery Jones & Tayte Hanson enjoy some Fucking Fun!

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Tayte Hanson continues his return engagement at CockyBoys as he finally gets together with Avery Jones! After some candid sex chat they get down to some sensual making out and before long Avery is sucking Tayte’s big dick. Almost immediately Tayte gets Avery into a 69 position so he rim his smooth hole. But Avery eventually goes back to sucking Tayte and worshiping his dick.

Tayte soon reciprocates by getting Avery on all fours and eating his ass, opening him up with his tongue and sex talk. Finally Tayte eases in his fat cock slowly and once he sees Avery can take it he goes harder & deeper. Avery’s moans of pleasure increase as Tayte dominates his ass and moves higher drilling down into Avery’s hungry hole.

Taking Avery from the side Tayte pounds his hole and eventually, with his cock still buried in Avery, moves him into position to ride him. Tayte again takes charge with upward thrusts into Avery who lies back and luxuriates in the pleasure. Finally Tayte drills Avery on his back every which way possible before pulling out to cum and breed him. As he does he fucks a load out of Avery and lays sweets kisses on him in the afterglow.


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Lockdown Lovers Sc.2

Lockdown Lovers Sc.2
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After 21 days in lockdown, Danny is tired of jerking off, so to spice things up a bit why not jerk off together? But of course Danny won’t just want to jerk off, and soon they’re both jerking each other off before Danny leans in to kiss Timmy. It’s no surprise that moments later Danny is sucking off Timmy’s cock, before leaning back and enjoying Timmy’s lips wrapped around his own cock! Soon Danny is laying on his back, leaving his pink hole on display for Timmy to lick out, and with some natural lube it slides right in!


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Gym Boy Dick Rubbing

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Bohumil Slavik has been at home a lot lately, just like the rest of us, but although we might have failed to keep up with our workout routines this handsome boy is far more dedicated. It’s not just the workout this boy is sticking to, he’s finishing his home training sessions with some cum being pumped from that gym boy dick, too, just like he would usually in the showers with the other guys after a training session. Watch as he reveals his gorgeous body, his stiff uncut cock bouncing out of his underwear desperate to be rubbed, his plump and hairless ass being slapped and massaged while he kneels and wanks. He doesn’t usually get this into it when he’s wanking in the gym showers, but at home on the couch he can really relax, his hand working his penis, his balls pulling up tight as his cum starts to splash from his swollen tip to make a gooey mess.




Milkboys will always choose twinks and we understand why. they can be adventurous or shy, they are always extremely cute with their young angel face and their sunny body of beauty. To admire them is a happiness which one cannot deny, even if one prefers the daddies. But frankly, who prefers daddies?

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Sengoku Basara by 疾速k
Sengoku Basara by 疾速k

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